Hello again!

After a long(looong) hiatus, I’ve  decided to start posting again. And what better to start with than quite possibly the most niche song I could find.

Obscured, fuzzy vocals and and an smooth mix of guitar and electronic makes for an intense and utterly unique sound. You’ve probably never heard anything like this!

It’s listed as ‘electro shoegaze’; two genres that were probably never meant to clash. But here we are, it exists, and it sounds awesome!

Go here if you want more: https://soundcloud.com/arrowheads-1.


A Community Service Announcement - Jonathan Boulet

As the fires start to burn

All across the world we’re stepping in turn

This is a rare case of a song being both catchy and having enough depth to hold my attention past a few weeks. Cleanly recorded yet atmospheric, it’s great for those inexplicably joyful moods. Good for parties as well!

What is this service announcement actually about? I have no idea, but I don’t think that actually matters.

The video is worth watching also: http://vimeo.com/7677913


Best Friend by The Drums
Speaking of songs with music sweeter than the lyrics. The Drums have that down packed…in every single song they have ever made. 
Their sound is so lively and upbeat. They make me want to dance in the most awkward & liberating fashion everytime I listen to them.
But their lyrics.
My God, are they depressing.
This song opens their self titled album with signature techno-esque drums.  (I wonder if they call themselves The Drums because that’s the most prominent part of their music?) The need to move overcomes you and you feel really content.
Soon the happy mood you’ve been put into turns incredibly sour with the first lyric. "You where my best friend, but then you died."
W O W.
When I first listened to this song, I stopped dead in my tracks. I was utterly confused. But as I listened to more and more of their music, I found the nearly disturbing contradiction of their music & lyrics to be quite hilarious.



Camera Obscura - “French Navy”

It’s tech week for me, so I’ll be succinct: I love this song. I love this band. I love Tracyanne Campbell’s voice. I love the strings. I love the lyrics. And I hope you guys love them too.

See you next Wednesday!

- Callie

I absolutely love this song! It’s so sweet, and I love the way her voice opens up every time she sings the chorus. 
I’ve always listened to this song & wished the lyrics where happier than they are, but I suppose that’s part of the charm. 

Assorted street art from Berlin

So uh, hello again. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, partly because I’ve been in Berlin for two weeks but mostly because of crippling laziness.

I could go on about how great Berlin is for several pages, but the point of this post is to show off a select few pictures of the incredible street art I witnessed there.

An example of how active the graffiti community in Berlin is: the wall outside our apartment was painted over about seven times during our two week stay, with seemingly more elaborate works each time.

The city is filled with urban wastelands of crumbling communist-era buildings covered in art like this, small bars and coffee shops nestling in the ruins and overgrowth.

If you’re looking for urban culture, Berlin is the place to go.


I finished the 1st painting & did a second one, too. The second one needs to dry before I take the tape off, though.
Feeling so productive.
Even if I should be doing my AP Econ homework. Whoops.  


Today Elliot and I complained about how lazy we are & how much happier we’d be if we got off our asses & accomplished things. So I finally painted like I said I would for 5 months! It’s half finished, & even though I’m nowhere close to a good painter, I don’t think it’s terrible & I’m proud that I actually did it. 
I hope this inspires Elliot to do whatever he’s said he’d do but hasn’t. 
& I hope this inspires you to do something you’ve said you will but haven’t. Trust me, it feels great when you’re done!



disincanto (fioritura), acrilyc and oil on canvas, cm 60 x 60, 2012


Livin’ 60s

So obsessed with the 60s right now. I’ve always been completely in love with the hippie/rock ‘n roll movement during that time. But I’m beginning to really get into the fashion & other music that was alive during that time, as well. The Ronettes are my favorite right now. I cannot stop listening to them. I love their look with their A-Line dresses & big hair, crazy winged eyeliner & cute voices. I feel like splurging on a 60s outfit & wearing it everywhere. If I had the money to do it, I probably would too. I think the next time I get some major money I’m going to hit up a thrift store. 60s cameras, 60s cars, 60s sunglasses. 60s everywhere! I want to live it, breathe it, devour it.
I am infatuated with the 60s. How could you not be?


P.S. - I really love this article by Rookie Mag about The Ronettes fashion.

July 29th

The beach at night! California mountains look so lovely under a sunset. 
This cinematic moment played the role of perfect background at my friend Vedant’s going away party. It was fun in the beginning. We all got to hang out as a group one more time before all my senior - now graduated - friends move away. We had tons of yummy Indian food & sweets. Our feet got really dirty, and my hair got ridiculous & we all got free bow ties. The sun set and we had a bonfire, we talked about stupid things & got our feet wet. But everyone is so nice and funny & it sucks knowing I’m going back to school next year and none of them will be there. I really didn’t want to leave, because I know I wont be seeing them in September. 
I feel like a lot of my friendships just started this past year and lived a short life.
I guess I can’t complain, though. I still had a great time and I think my hair looks sorta kick ass. 

- Morgan